Together for your engineering success

TEDATA GmbH: Support for design & engineering for more than 35 years

TEDATA is part of a group of German companies specialized in developing design tools for mechanical engineering. Some years ago, TEDATA also started to focus on systematization of technical content and programming customized software solutions.
The products developed so far support more than 30.000 professionals in product development and mechanical design. And more than 500 schools and universities have adopted the MDESIGN product family for machine element courses in their curricula.

The company was founded in 1983 and grew continuously since. The 60 employees in Bochum, Dresden and Donetsk, Ukraine mostly have degrees in computer science and mechanical engineering. Besides, many cooperating partners in research, education, standardization and industry help to analyze, systemize and summarize new technologies and their impact on working procedures and decision making in the design process.

TEDATA provides latest technical content in a way that integrates formulas, facts and figures into a digital and user friendly working environment. The quality of our products is reflected not only by the depth and variety of modules, but as well by the uniqueness of user assistance and documentation capabilities.
The high quality is the reason for the success of our products and for the raising efficiency of our customers.